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$35 Million ERISA Judgment Reveals “New” Fiduciary Exposures

For the first time since passage of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act in 1974, an ERISA lawsuit over 401(k) plan fees has made it all the way through trial to a judgment. Just five weeks ago Tussey v. ABB … Continue reading →

Crisis Communications and the “It’ll Never Happen to Me” Strategy

News Conference

Having a crisis communications plan could be critical to your company's balance sheet. Guest blogger Jeffrey Seibert of Willis' Strategic Outcomes Practice explains how to tell if yours is ready. Continue reading →

Protecting Your Fine Art

Van Gogh Sunflowers (detail)

Helpful pointers for insuring and caring for your fine art, by guest blogger Sharon Kimmel, Quality Assurance & Compliance Officer for Willis Personal Lines. Continue reading →

JOBS Act Analysis: Reduced Disclosure Requirements for IPOs (2nd in a Series)

The JOBS Act (formally, the “Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act“) was designed to facilitate raising capital by reducing regulatory burdens. Specifically, the Act creates a separate class of issuers under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 and the Exchange Act … Continue reading →

Video: New Developments in Construction Insurance

Rick Hawkinberry, CEO of Willis Construction Practice North America, spoke on video at RIMS recently providing an overview of the construction industry and the construction insurance market. Continue reading →

Video: Change of Direction in Terrorism

In this video interview, I discuss today's changing terrorism landscape. Continue reading →

Video: Joe Plumeri Reflects on 12 Years of Change in the Insurance Industry

At the Willis booth at RIMS last week, I spoke with Joe Plumeri about changes in the insurance industry he’s witnessed in his 12 years as Willis CEO. Continue reading →

Argentina Nationalizes YPF – Who Should Worry?

Argentina's nationalization of YPF can only serve to dampen future foreign direct investment in that country. Should other foreign investors there worry? Continue reading →

Energy Insurance Markets Defy Economic Laws

One of the strangest features of the energy insurance market that we address in our recently released 2012 Energy Market Review is how the market is seemingly defying the basic laws of economics. These state that an increase in supply—in … Continue reading →

U.S.-Style Corporate Plea Bargains “Imminent” in U.K.

The UK’s Solicitor-General has announced an imminent consultation paper relating to the introduction of US style Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs) for companies. This type of arrangement has been in place in the US for some time and is often used … Continue reading →