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Emerging Terrorism Risk of 2012

Emerging Risk

As has been evidenced by the recent cyber-attacks that brought down the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Israeli national airline El Al, cyber terrorists can be technologically advanced and capable of executing attacks on diverse targets. Continue reading →

Emerging Financial Institutions Risk of 2012

Emerging Risk

In an age when data and information are moved electronically, one dissatisfied individual can wreak havoc on a corporation, institution or a government. Continue reading →

Emerging Supply Chain Risk of 2012

Supply chain interruption cannot be considered as an emerging risk anymore, but it is rapidly evolving in terms of its scope, the level of suppliers affected and what causes it. Continue reading →

Emerging Environmental Liability Risk of 2012

As per Robin Somerville’s blog above, hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” as it’s more commonly referred to, is quickly emerging as one of the more significant risks facing not only the Energy market but the Environmental insurance industry too. Continue reading →

Emerging Energy Risk of 2012

One of the most significant emerging energy risks is the growth of the hydraulic fracking process used to extract gas from shale formations. The legal and social issues that accompany the rapid expansion of this method of production, together with the potential … Continue reading →

What Risks Will Emerge in 2012?

Emerging Risk

18 emerging risks, some of which have been brewing for a while, some haven’t yet resulted in any claims, others are new twists to well-known risks. Continue reading →

In China, the Year of the Dragon Begins…

The massive Chinese new year migration is one measure of the staggering growth of China’s economy over the last decade. Continue reading →

5 Financial News Stories You May Have Missed — And a Dodd-Frank Cheat Sheet

This week's financial news includes Dodd-Frank Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, China, SEC, Debt Swap and Greece Continue reading →

No Room for Woolly Thinking in the Re/Insurance Industry

I recently presented a paper on risk perception to the UK’s Parliamentary & Scientific Committee. Below is a snapshot of my speech, but you can access the full paper, “Risky Business: Risk and Reward Assessment in Business Decision Making,” here. Continue reading →

Costa’s Cost Could Sink that of Titanic

The Concordia, which is owned by Carnival Cruise Lines, may very well sink the Titanic's marine loss record. Chris Bhatt of Willis Marine practice discusses the incident's significance in the marine insurance world, both from a hull loss and liability perspective. Continue reading →