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Super Protection for Super Events (Like the Super Bowl)

Stadium full of fans

For super events like the Super Bowl, Olympic games, or national political conventions, risk managers need to bring their A-games just as much as the players do to ensure success. Continue reading →

For Serious Collectors, Super Bowl Excitement–and Risk–Last All Year

For Serious Collectors, Super Bowl Excitement–and Risk–Last All Year

Beyond the Super Bowl, there is a more serious side to sports fanaticism for people who spend considerable time and money sports collecting memorabilia. Guest blogger Michael Smerkanich, region leader for Willis Personal Lines explains. Continue reading →

Learning Lessons: 3 Reports Every Re/insurance Practitioner Should Read

Turkey Earthquake 2011

Robin Swindel of Willis Re details 3 reports on lessons learnt from natural catastrophes that every reinsurance and insurance practitioner should read. Continue reading →

“Business Common Sense” Prevails in Commercial Contract Dispute

A recent decision by the UK Supreme Court in Rainy Sky S.A. and others v Kookmin Bank marks a subtle but welcome change of approach to the interpretation of commercial contracts including of course insurance contracts. Continue reading →

Rating Eurozone Insurers

Most market commentators were largely unsurprised by S&P’s actions, and our sense remains that, for the most part, the insurance sector remains resilient. Continue reading →

Emerging Employee Safety Risk of 2012

Emerging Risk

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 2/3 of the U.S. population is considered overweight or obese. Poor lifestyle decisions not only affect the employee’s health at home, but can also have significant implications on work activities. Continue reading →

Emerging Life Sciences Risk of 2012

Emerging Risk

Outside the U.S., many regulators are requiring trial sponsors to compensate clinical trial participants for injuries sustained during participation in a trial. Continue reading →

Emerging Engineering Risk of 2012

In the oil and gas industry, engineering contractors place a high degree of reliance on the legal contracts they have in place to protect them from financial ruin should a major disaster or accident occur. It appears that these legal … Continue reading →

Emerging D&O Risk of 2012

What do you get if you put 4 out of 5 risk and coverage issues for directors together, stir vigorously and add a pinch of regulatory zeal? Continue reading →

Emerging Analytics Risk of 2012

It is hard to take your eyes off the still-unfolding European financial crisis, but we need to keep looking for other sources of risk. Although again delayed in 2011 and perhaps still subject to further transition and political posturing, Solvency II is … Continue reading →