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5 Financial Stories You May Have Missed – With European Bondage

This week's 5 financial news stories: FDIC, Credit Unions, Dodd-Frank, DOJ--and a cool interactive map explaining the European debt crisis. Continue reading →

Insurance: A Little Earning is a Dangerous Thing…

As Alexander Pope so nearly said, re/insurance company earnings are key to the firm’s valuation. Recent research from Citigroup provides more evidence that insurance firms with low earning volatility have higher stock multiples and better shareholder returns. Continue reading →

What Weavering Case Means for Hedge Fund Governance

Paul Richards, Willis FINEX National, discusses implications of the Weavering ruling on Fund Directors’ Liability for hedge fund's corporate governance. Continue reading →

T&D Cover – Gone With The Wind?

The power sector's transmission and distribution networks (T&D) are exposed to European winter storms, but meaningful levels of T&D insurance is hard to find. Continue reading →

Are You a Short-Termist or a Long-Termist on Energy?

Willis Renewable Energy expert looks at the implications of the IEA's World Energy Outlook report for the renewable and insurance sectors. Continue reading →

5 Financial Stories You May Have Missed – And the Silver Screen

This week's financial stories you may have missed: Rajaratnam, Fannie Mae, Olympus, replicator funds, De Niro, too big to fail, margin call, tower heist Continue reading →

James Murdoch Gets His Own Lawyers – But at What Cost?

How can directors best protect themselves from having to pay large legal fees when they find themselves in conflict with the companies on whose boards they sit? Continue reading →

The Cash Flow Story

Investor fund flows help explain a lot. For example, they partially explain the spread spike following the financial crisis. Continue reading →

Managing Risks to Cyber, Staff, and More in Financial Times Special Report

Financial Times Special Report: Risk Management

The global risk landscape gets riskier and harder to navigate for corporate leaders. Willis experts share their insights in an FT Special Report Risk Continue reading →

5 Financial News Stories You May Have Missed — And a Little Deja Vu

Financial news this week included MF Global, AIG bailout, Capmark, Trust Company of the West, Allied Home Mortgage, and related government agencies. Continue reading →