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It’s All About the Price, Right? Norwegian Energy Clients Beg to Differ

On what basis do energy insurance buyers select their broker? Price? Service? Our Norway survey results may surprise you. Continue reading →

5 Financial News Stories You May Have Missed — And Shrinkage

This week in financial news: hedge funds, forex, private equity funds, Gupta, and chartered banks. Continue reading →

Geithner’s Vague Threat to Banks: More Harm than Good?

The threat of regulatory action has hung over the banks for the last three years. The recent comment by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner  suggesting that the public should “stay tuned” could exacerbate the dark cloud hanging over our financial institutions, Continue reading →

All Talk, No Action on Supply Chain Risk

There is there is a great deal of enthusiastic talk about supply chain interruption--but very little action I fear. Continue reading →

After Qaddafi: What Now?

While the death of Quaddafi heralds a new dawn in Libya's history, the scale of the task facing its National Transitional Council should not be underestimated. Continue reading →

5 Financial Services Stories You May Have Missed – And Revenge of the CDOs

5 Financial Services Stories You May Have Missed This Week: Citibank, ETFs, bankTRANSFERday, Al-Qaida -- and the SEC's other shoe Continue reading →

Renewables: In it for the Long Run

In the ongoing debate about rising energy prices, UK Energy Secretary Chris Huhne said yesterday that it’s up to consumers to shop around for the best tariff. Continue reading →

Governance Matters for Alternative Investment Managers

Australian Dollars

The Financial Standard Online recently reported that Australian “super funds” have established a common set of principles “on how hedge fund managers should operate and manage risk”. The move is designed to improve investor confidence and attract more mandates. Continue reading →

Insurance Implications of the NBA Lockout

Some NBA players are not letting the lockout keep them off the courts. Alex Fairly, Willis' sports and entertainment practice leader, talks to Risk and Insurance about insurance coverage issues arising during the lockout. Continue reading →

The Next Hard Power Market

According to the book of Ecclesiastes, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun”. Yet every generation tends to think that the challenges it faces have never … Continue reading →