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5 Financial Services Stories You May Have Missed — The Effects of FX

This week: NY Attorney General, Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of America, House Financial Services Committee, UBS, rogue traders, SEC, FINRA, sub-accounts. Continue reading →

Health Care Reform and Liability: Is the Sky Falling?

We are currently in one of the most sustained periods ever for Health Care Professional Liability market stability, and there's no reason for pessimism. Continue reading →

The “Dream” of Air Travel

Boeing 787

The delivery of the first Boeing 787 to All Nippon Airways makes this week a good time to reflect on how the aviation industry has and continues to develop. Continue reading →

5 Financial Services Stories You May Have Missed — And an Occupation

News stories from the week that were easy to miss, but may have some lasting impact: overdrafts, interest, treasury, hedge funds, hackers, and an occupation. Continue reading →

5 Reasons to Explore the Environmental Insurance Marketplace

We’ve all heard a lot in the news lately about some rather large and very damaging environmental catastrophes: the nuclear contamination that followed the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the release of toxic sludge at a metal refinery in Hungary, … Continue reading →

“Insurance Market in China is Only a Fraction of its Potential”

Bejing Biz District

The insurance market in China is lagging behind the progress of its economy, presenting a huge opportunity for both China and the Western insurance industry, writes guest blogger Tim Wright, CEO of Willis International. Continue reading →

5 Financial Services Stories You May Have Missed – Run-on Sentences

Below are news stories from the week that were easy to miss, but may have some lasting impact -- featuring Galleon, Lloyd's, Madoff, Goldman, and LaSalle Bank. Continue reading →

Notes from Monte Carlo – What’s on the Minds of Reinsurers

I’m back from another whirlwind week of meetings and networking at the Monte Carlo Reinsurance Rendezvous and have had a chance to reflect on some of the main themes to emerge from this year’s event. Continue reading →

Willis Wire: Where We Share our Knowledge and Insights

With change accelerating in the risk landscape, it’s important that companies are aware of the range of challenges facing their business and receive useful information in real time. This is why we’ve pulled together Willis experts who have spent their careers deeply interwoven with our clients’ industries to share their knowledge and insights through our new blog, WillisWire, which today I have the honor to inaugurate. Continue reading →

Airline Industry Losses Hit 5-Year Low

Airplane at Sunset

Despite a spate of aviation losses totaling in the region of US$250 million at the end of July/early August, the airline industry had a relatively turbulent free start to the third quarter, with losses hitting a five-year low of US$794 million. Continue reading →