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Scariest Renewable Risk: New Frontiers

Renewable entrepreneurs are fearless and passionate about their projects but we have a “scary” register of risks that occasionally gets their knees knocking. Continue reading →

Scariest Supply Chain Risk: Mission-Critical Supplier Going Bust

Supply chain disruption is new Nightmare on Lime Street. Continue reading →

Scariest Financial Services Risk: Companies in the Dark About Risk

What is frightening is the number of organizations that still do not have a clear understanding of which risks are mitigated through the insurance they already purchase. Continue reading →

Scariest Captives Insurance Risk: Solvency II

Scary stuff this Solvency II! Especially if you’ve got a captive in the EU or trading into it. But hold on, let’s not get carried away. Continue reading →

Scariest Energy Risk: Macondo Mach II

In the energy industry, the unthinkable has perhaps already happened: the $40 billion in losses associated with the Macondo well... Continue reading →

Scariest Terrorism Risk: ‘Nuf Said

Terrorism remains a fundamental risk management challenge in its unpredictability from the perspective of frequency, mode of attack and target. Continue reading →

Scariest ERM Risk: Systemic Risk

Are black boxes creating Black Swans? Continue reading →

Scariest Reinsurance Risk: Italian Default

The threat of escalation of Europe’s sovereign debt crisis continues to make me wake in a cold sweat. Continue reading →

Scariest Health Care Risk: Obstetrics

There is no more scary risk in health care than obstetrics. Continue reading →

Scariest Power Risk: Blackout Britain

As aging power plants are closed, the margin of generating capacity in the UK over demand, could fall to as little as 5% by 2018. Continue reading →