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Following up: U.S. health care debate

With the July 28 defeat of health care reform legislation on the Senate floor, the ACA remains in effect. However, the political uncertainty surrounding the law continues. So, as policymakers determine their next steps, here are a few points for … Continue reading →

Preparing for the Trump administration

One of the main takeaways from the election is that we live in a time of disruption, and with Obamacare a lightning-rod issue in the campaign, the U.S. health care and benefits system appears to be headed for plenty of … Continue reading →

Consolidation in the health care industry: bane or boon?

In the past five years, there have been several thousand mergers and acquisitions of both health care providers and payors. Continue reading →

10 coisas que aprendi sobre saúde e produtividade em New Orleans

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Participei recentemente de um comitê de Saúde e Produtividade da Willis, em New Orleans, Estados Unidos, ao lado de cerca de 100 médicos, clientes e áreas interessadas – todos focados em ações imperativas envolvendo riscos para saúde, custos médicos e … Continue reading →