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M&A and prior acts: Considerations for the design firm

architect measuring blueprints with a protractor and a ruler

There are many reasons a design firm may decide to buy, sell or merge its practice with another firm; however, there are only a few available options when it comes to addressing the prior act exposures of the firm being … Continue reading →

Architect and Engineers and the standard of care

True or False? The standard of care of a design professional is perfection. When we ask this question to a room full of architects and engineers they typically chuckle and get this one right. The answer of course is “No” … Continue reading →

Is your design firm protected from cyber-risks?

Cyber-risk is evolving fast, and the architect and engineer (A&E) community should be monitoring the developments closely.  Arguably, design firms take on considerably less cyber-related risk than large retailers and financial institutions, which continue to  face huge and costly data … Continue reading →

Increasing professional liability limits in single architect & engineering projects

What are the options available to a design firm and owner when it comes to increasing PL limits and insuring single projects? Continue reading →

Big Data: Is the Property Sector Making the Most of it?

Big data refers to computer analysis of data sets too large for the human mind to process. Trends and patterns, which computer algorithms spot, can offer businesses powerful insight allowing them to be more efficient, to better understand their customers … Continue reading →

Architect & Engineer’s Professional Liability Insurance Limits


A design firm’s professional liability (PL) risks are by far its greatest exposure – and its architects and engineer’s PL practice policy is by far its most important insurance coverage. While there is no hard-and-fast rule as to how much … Continue reading →

Should Architects & Engineers Agree to the “Defend” Obligation?

Anyone who has been tasked with negotiating an owner-drafted agreement has been faced with the obligatory defend obligation within the indemnity provision of the contract. And, anyone who knows better will always ask that this wording be struck from the … Continue reading →

See Dick Build, Watch Jane Sue: Go/No-Go Project Evaluation for Architects

Without a formal process of evaluating whether or not it makes good business sense to take on a given client and project, a design firm’s risks of having a claim increases significantly. Continue reading →

Our Scariest Architectural Risk – being over and above the standard of care

Scariest risks 2014

An architect and engineer’s greatest exposure is by far his or her professional liability/errors and omissions. The good news is that a properly drafted A&E professional liability (PL) insurance policy should cover the design firm for everything it does as … Continue reading →

Scariest Risks of 2014

Scariest risks 2014

As risk advisors, WillisWire bloggers tend to think less of ghouls and goblins during the Halloween season than of the frightening real risks our clients face. This year they faced more than their share of new ones, with ISIS, Ukraine, … Continue reading →