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3 drivers of epic risk culture failures

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Organizations that foster a positive risk culture tend to be those that thrive. This is an imperative of the strategic chief risk officer (CRO). Continue reading →

Tropical Cyclone Debbie slams Australian coastline

Cyclone Debbie

Slow-moving Cyclone Debbie brought strong winds and torrential rains accumulating more than 200mm over 24 hours in many places, causing widespread coastal flooding. Continue reading →

The Perils of a Professional Indemnity Exclusion in a D&O Policy

Where is the line drawn between directors and officers (D&O) insurance and professional indemnity insurance? The question is important not just for companies that purchase both forms of insurance but also for those who buy D&O insurance alone but nevertheless … Continue reading →

So You Think You are a Non-Executive Director?

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We all think we know the difference between an executive and a non-executive director – right? After all, an executive director has executive powers and functions and usually a contract of employment whereas a non-executive director does not. Continue reading →

Bridgecorp Decision Freezes Defence Costs Tap for Directors

On the day before Christmas Eve 2013, the Supreme Court of New Zealand handed down a judgment dramatically changing the landscape for D&O (and E&O) indemnity insurance claims in New Zealand. In one of my last blogs of 2013 I … Continue reading →

Watch Out: The Aussie Plaintiff’s Bar is Joining the Party

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Any company can in theory apply now to launch its own law firm--another indication of changes in the litigation landscape here, which are more conducive to large scale and complex litigation involving large companies and their professional advisers. Continue reading →

Incêndios florestais Australianos: “Cúpula de calor” bate recordes de temperatura: Custos Iniciais Contados


Grande parte do centro e do sul da Austrália sofreu com uma onda de calor persistente que causou incêndios catastróficos na Tasmânia, Nova Gales do Sul e Victoria. Estes foram os piores incêndios florestais quem afetam a região desde o … Continue reading →

Australian Bushfires: “Dome of Heat” Breaks Temperature Records: Initial Costs Counted


Large parts of central and southern Australia are suffering from a persistent heatwave that has caused catastrophic bushfires across Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria. They are the worst bushfires to affect the area since ‘Black Saturday’ in 2009, which … Continue reading →

There’s No Place Like Home–or, See the Recent National Australia Bank Securities Settlement in Oz

Australian Justice

For those who follow U.S. securities litigation—most importantly, non-U.S. companies who follow U.S. D&O litigation—the June 2010 Supreme Court decision in Morrison v. National Australia Bank Ltd. was seen as a tremendous win for the foreign defendants, as it sharply … Continue reading →

A Cautionary Tale for Company Secretaries & General Counsel

On 3rd May 2012 the highest Appeal Court in Australia delivered a judgment focusing on the importance the Court attaches to the accuracy of board minutes and press releases, confirming the need for general counsel and company secretaries to have … Continue reading →