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Big data is 3-dimensional

Metrics drive risk and claims management. But, is this enough? Risk management is ill-prepared to journey into open waters and chart new routes in metrics. Continue reading →

The frontier of innovation in insurance

Is it really happening? Let’s start with the word insurtech. It’s a mashup of insurance and technology and yes, it is happening right now. On the technology side we are seeing trends that have been coming for a while, including … Continue reading →

Riesgos emergentes en el sector de la tecnología

La tecnología está cada vez más arraigada a nuestra vida cotidiana, y el Internet de las cosas (IoT) traerá conectividad a miles de productos, tales como automóviles, electrodomésticos y ropa. Cómo se usen y se protegen esos datos será fundamental … Continue reading →

Emerging risks in the technology sector

Technology is becoming more and more embedded in our everyday life, and the internet of things (IoT) will bring connectivity to myriad products, such as cars, household appliances and clothing. How that data is used and protected will become paramount … Continue reading →

Cómo la Computación Cognitiva esta Transformando la Industria Global

En marzo de 2016, AlphaGo, un programa informático desarrollado por Google DeepMind en Londres, venció al campeon del mundo, Lee Sedol, en 4 de 5 juegos de Go. En el 2011, la computadora Watson de IBM venció a dos ex … Continue reading →

How Cognitive Computing is Transforming Global Industries

In March 2016, AlphaGo, a computer program developed by Google DeepMind in London, beat the longstanding world champion, Lee Sedol, in 4 out of 5 games of Go. In 2011, IBM’s Watson computer beat two former champions in multiple rounds … Continue reading →

Building Resilience Around Natural Hazards and Climate Change

A changing climate and rapidly growing exposure to natural catastrophes presents the world with an unprecedented challenge. Continue reading →

Big Data: Is the Property Sector Making the Most of it?

Big data refers to computer analysis of data sets too large for the human mind to process. Trends and patterns, which computer algorithms spot, can offer businesses powerful insight allowing them to be more efficient, to better understand their customers … Continue reading →

Dados reduzem custos com saúde e desvendam perfil de indivíduos

medical cost distribution

Plataformas de big data, quando analisadas ​​de forma inteligente, oferecem oportunidades únicas aos empregadores para identificar estratégias que se adequem às necessidades dos membros que possuam cobertura de plano de saúde.  Continue reading →

Using Data to Drive Down Health Care Costs

medical cost distribution

Recognizing that a relatively small minority of individuals drives the overwhelming majority of costs is fundamental to understanding how medical services are consumed. Continue reading →