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Driving forward with claims advocacy

If I had to do it over again, when buying a car, instead of just looking at the list of features and negotiating the MSRP with the salesperson, I would have also asked to speak to the service department. Why? … Continue reading →

DSU de-mystified

Delay in Set up (DSU) or “Delay in Completion” coverage continues to be the least understood and most contentious type of insurance for construction projects — especially as regards claims. As you will probably already be aware, this cover normally … Continue reading →

Misdiagnosis: The Most Common Source of Malpractice Claims–Persistently

Doctor upset

BMJ recently reported "missed diagnoses were the most common source of malpractice claims." Long an issue, misdiagnosis rates may be about to get worse. Continue reading →

A Timely Reminder…Basis Clauses and Warranties


“Basis” clauses and warranties will always raise questions and helpfully Mr Justice Akenhead clarified the law in a case late last year, namely Genesis Housing Association Limited v Liberty Syndicate Management Limited for and on behalf of Syndicate 4472 at … Continue reading →

Video: The Risk Management World Getting Smarter

Eric Joost speaks about the Spring 2013 Marketplace Realities report

The risk management world keeps getting smarter about risk management. We’ve got more sophisticated tools and better data analytics. That means more precise measurement of what’s happening. That, in turn, means more accurate predictions of loss and sustainable premium levels. … Continue reading →

The UK Riots: One Year On

One year on from the UK Riots I spoke to Willis' UK Retail experts about the complex insurance claims that resulted. Continue reading →

Largest Health Care Claims of 2011

The largest health care verdicts most frequently involve injured children in obstetric and pediatric cases, and this year was no different. Continue reading →

Largest Financial Services Claims of 2011

Headlines blazed in 2011 with stories about settlements and losses resulting from the credit crisis. But it wasn’t foreclosures and subprime issues that cost the banks the most money in the year past. It was an old bugaboo: the rogue … Continue reading →

Largest Aviation Claims of 2011

Aviation Claims

Aviation is a catastrophe business but thankfully 2011 has been another year without catastrophe. Continue reading →

Largest Executive Risks Claims of 2011

The case that is likely to have the most impact on executive risks and potentially on all federal class actions in the U.S. is the Wal-Mart decision. Continue reading →