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How the construction industry is increasing inclusion and diversity: 3 key steps

Woman in a construction uniform, hard hat and goggles having a discussion with three men wearing the same gear

When considering inclusion and diversity on an industry level, some lessons can be gleaned from the construction sector. We’re seeing a number of workforce challenges being addressed through inclusion and diversity — from the industry’s talent shortage due to an aging … Continue reading →

Assurance en libre prestation de service : attention, les loups meurent dans la bergerie !

  Depuis la promulgation en 2006 de la Directive européenne 2006/123/CE relative aux services dans le marché intérieur, tout assureur étranger, établi dans un pays de l’Union, peut souscrire des risques en France, à travers un dispositif baptisé « Libre Prestation de … Continue reading →

5 professional liability pitfalls every contractor should look out for when taking on a Design and Build project

Framework of house under construction

Design and Build (D&B) contracting blurs the long-standing, traditional lines between designers and builders. With the continuing integration of these services comes increased professional liability (PL) risks for the design-builder — that’s not only responsible for the construction, but also … Continue reading →

Managing design-build risk

construction site zone showing highway pillars

As an underwriter and a broker specializing in Architects and Engineers (A&E) professional liability (PL) insurance over the last twenty years, I’ve seen design-build (DB) projects succeed and I’ve seen them fail miserably. Most would agree that everyone loses when … Continue reading →

Werknemers van bouwbedrijven, het grootste cyberrisico én de eerste lijn van defensie

Geen enkele organisatie is volledig immuun tegen cybercriminaliteit. En ondanks dat digitalisering hoog op de agenda staat bij organisaties, is cybersecurity vaak nog geen onderdeel van de bedrijfscultuur. Het  management is zich niet altijd voldoende bewust van de risico’s van … Continue reading →

Construction insurance marketplace update

Expectations for construction risks: Rate, terms and conditions The U.S. construction property and casualty market continues to exhibit rate stability. While the market remains soft, a level of underwriting restraint has started to take hold. Much of this is driven … Continue reading →

Construction Industry: Property/Casualty Market Review

Despite a decrease in 2014, net profit for the US property/casualty insurance industry has been on the rise since 2012. As better illustrated, net profits in the US property/casualty insurance  industry decreased 28.2% to $50.2 billion in 2014 compared to … Continue reading →