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Claims against directors for failure to insure against cyber risk are more likely now

Technician using digital tablet in server room

In recent years, there have been many reports of data breaches on a massive scale caused by either corporate system failures or employee negligence. Continue reading →

Silent cyber risk: Insurers must try harder

Man in a dress shirt and tie looking at a computer monitor in a darkened office with colleague working behind him

Remember this? “The PRA expects that all Solvency II firms robustly assess and actively manage their insurance products with specific consideration to non-affirmative cyber risk exposures. This includes all property and casualty (P&C) covers which could give rise to cyber … Continue reading →

Want to create a cyber-resilient organization? Start with your board of directors

Man holding a laptop while looking at servers with a female colleague. Both have security badges around their neck

No company — regardless of size or stature — is immune from cyberattack. Given their pervasiveness, it’s no longer enough to have a thorough, carefully constructed plan to mitigate against cyber risk. The thinking “It won’t happen to me because … Continue reading →

Cyber risk mitigation: Best practices for Mutual Fund Directors

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Cybersecurity continues to be one of the top risk management issues facing mutual fund boards today, with continued scrutiny coming from regulators and investors alike. Potentially facing financial loss and reputational harm from growing threats, stakeholders are taking an even … Continue reading →

Survey results show uptick in liability concerns for U.K. Directors

The results of our fifth annual survey of directors’ liabilities, which we run together with international law firm Allen & Overy, are now available. We’ve looked not only at the risks and exposures facing business leaders, but also at how … Continue reading →

Cyber attack: Ignorance and inaction are no defence

For any company that relies on computers (i.e. just about any company), cyber risk is real, serious and unavoidable. Given that all company directors are legally obliged to promote the success of the companies they serve and, in doing so, … Continue reading →

Spotlight on Cyber – Computer Dependence Means Cyber Risk

World Cyber Risk

There’s no doubt that cyber risk has a major impact on the energy industry. Continue reading →

European Cyber Market Set for Growth

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As South Korea investigates a suspected cyber attack that hit its major banks and broadcasters this week, the need for companies to adequately address their cyber risk has never been clearer. Continue reading →

Emerging Financial Institutions Risk of 2012

Emerging Risk

In an age when data and information are moved electronically, one dissatisfied individual can wreak havoc on a corporation, institution or a government. Continue reading →

5 Financial Services Stories You May Have Missed — And an Occupation

News stories from the week that were easy to miss, but may have some lasting impact: overdrafts, interest, treasury, hedge funds, hackers, and an occupation. Continue reading →