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Your construction workforce – Your biggest cyber risk and first line of defense

With the growth of cyber-related crime at an unprecedented high, it’s clear that no organization is completely immune. Many industries are falling behind in their appreciation of cyber losses. While digitalization is a common feature of boardroom discussions, confusion remains … Continue reading →

Job disaggregation — On the front lines

A key feature of the future of work is the concept of the “democratisation” of work: Work that was traditionally the domain of intact jobs of skilled, full-time employees, is being separated into parts and being done by alternate means. … Continue reading →

La digitalisation de la gestion sinistre au service des clients

La digitalisation des sinistres est un phénomène moins récent que ce que l’on pense, mais l’évolution technologique continue et en particulier l’arrivée des smartphones et objets connectés accélèrent le phénomène et ouvrent de nouvelles perspectives. Dès 2008 Gras Savoye s’est … Continue reading →

Digital transformation in insurance calls for diverse growth strategies

Of all the factors influencing investment activity and merger and acquisition (M&A) strategy in the insurance industry in recent years, the impact of digital technologies has emerged as a key and recurring theme in the annual surveys conducted by Willis … Continue reading →

Reshaping the compensation and benefits landscape with artificial intelligence

Just the mention of artificial intelligence (AI) evokes excitement and dread at the same time. AI is the inevitable next step in the evolution of technology. Leaders in business, technology and science are already mapping parameters to guide AI development … Continue reading →

Davos 2017: Responsive and responsible leadership in transportation

Some of the top minds in business and academia will converge on Davos again this week to take part in the 47th World Economic Forum. This year, delegates are convening to discuss the broad theme of Responsive and Responsible Leadership. … Continue reading →

L’assurance Affinitaire : un marché en forte croissance (2/2)

Le marché de l’affinitaire a vocation à proposer des produits d’assurance en BtoBtoC qui enrichissent l’offre de leurs clients distributeurs notamment banque, téléphonie, distribution spécialisée ou encore pur player internet en apportant différentiation et revenus supplémentaires grâce à des dispositifs … Continue reading →

L’assurance Affinitaire : Un marché en forte croissance (1/2)

L’assurance affinitaire est un marché en forte croissance, sous une double impulsion : La distribution affinitaire permet à chacun des clients de nos partenaires d’accéder efficacement, rapidement, et sans sélection, aux couvertures traditionnelles ou non, qui lui sont importantes, voire obligatoires. … Continue reading →