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Fostering Resilience in the Asia-Pacific Region

While there are some encouraging signs of greater resilience developing throughout the Asia-Pacific region, disasters such as the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal remind us of how far we have to go. In addition to loss of life, the damage … Continue reading →

Bangladesh Tragedies: Beyond Reputational Risk

Reuters: Bangladesh Garment Factory Disaster - rescue efforts

The series of tragic events over the past 6 months in the troubled Bangladeshi garment industry truly highlight the need for a thoughtful evaluation of brand risk, public relations strategy, corporate disaster / crisis management planning and flat-out business ethics … Continue reading →

What Tohoku Taught Us About Supply Chain Risk

The 2011 Tohoku disaster revealed prevalent misconceptions about supply chain exposures. Continue reading →

New Madrid Quakes 200 Years Later–More Devastating?

New Madrid Earthquakes of the 1800s

200 years ago today, the first of three devastating New Madrid earthquakes struck the Central U.S. What damage would such quakes wreak today? Continue reading →

Our Scariest Risks (2011)

The Scream, by Edvard Munch (1893)

We asked each of our bloggers to tell us the scariest risk in their area of expertise. Which one makes you tremble most? Continue reading →

Airline Industry Losses Hit 5-Year Low

Airplane at Sunset

Despite a spate of aviation losses totaling in the region of US$250 million at the end of July/early August, the airline industry had a relatively turbulent free start to the third quarter, with losses hitting a five-year low of US$794 million. Continue reading →