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What risks will emerge in 2016?

Our world is advancing at a pace that invites innovation at breakneck speed, encouraging companies to jump into untested waters. Whether it is new, disruptive technologies – such as drones – or just a new way of doing business – such … Continue reading →

Ignorance No Defence for Company Directors: An Unseasonal Reminder


How many of you know what Section 194 of the 1992 Trade Unions and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act says? I certainly didn’t until I saw that criminal charges had been brought against company directors in what is thought to be … Continue reading →

Collateral Damage to Reputation: The Fight Back Continues

I’ve blogged before about the risk of collateral damage to reputation for individuals caught up in regulatory enforcement activity involving their employers. Now a new and successful challenge has been made by a manager of a major investment bank against … Continue reading →

Two of the Most Important Pieces of Cyber Legislation Ever

A bit like London buses—you wait for ages and then two come along—two of the most significant pieces of European legislation ever affecting cyber liability have been announced by the European Commission in the last week. Continue reading →

Maritime Corporate Risk Now Has a Human Face in an Increasingly Difficult Regulatory Environment

Huge ships in port

The regulatory tides have recently shifted toward holding top management more accountable for company performance at a time when the insurance products which cover the liability of directors and officers (D&O) are steadily growing in complexity. Continue reading →

A New Report on the Theme of Personal Accountability Contains a Worrying Conclusion

It’s not just me who keeps returning to the theme of personal accountability for senior managers. A very recent survey and report by Thomson Reuters on personal liability of senior individuals and compliance officers contains some fascinating insights. Two findings … Continue reading →

HBOS: Why the Regulators Will Make Sure Things Go Differently Next Time

Much has been written in the last week about the long-awaited report into the reasons behind the collapse of Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS). This is hardly surprising given the size of the collapse and the report’s hard hitting conclusions, … Continue reading →

Veja os 13 riscos mais assustadores de 2015!

Scariest Risks of 2015

Com a aproximação do Halloween, nós, do blog WillisWire, pensamos não nos piores monstros e bruxas, mas no que há de mais assustador e real nos riscos enfrentados por nossos clientes durante o ano. Treze dos nossos especialistas e blogueiros … Continue reading →

Os 12 Riscos de Natal: Como nós ajudamos o Papai Noel este ano

Todo mundo sabe que o Papai Noel é um grande humanitário e um “bom velhinho”, mas ele quer ser conhecido também por outra coisa: a transparência dos negócios. Assim, em nossa última reunião com clientes e seu Elf Sênior, foi … Continue reading →

Our Scariest D&O Risk – Directors, They’re Out to Get You

With regulators, prosecutors and legislators getting more aggressive, directors of large corporations may be feeling that they really are out to get them. Perhaps as a director you already have the company’s lawyer’s telephone number on your speed dial in … Continue reading →