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2018’s most dangerous risks for insurers

red flags on top of rocks by the ocean

One definition of insanity is “doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.” Well, we asked insurers the same question in December 2017 that we asked in December 2016: What are the most dangerous risks to your company in … Continue reading →

Seven environmental risk management issues to watch

A colleague of mine, Richard Sheldon, recently provided readers of Risk and Insurance with some sage advice and seasoned input on seven different environmental risk management issues. Here’s a quick outline of the topics discussed: Mold – Current Market Appetite … Continue reading →

2017’s most dangerous risks for insurers

We took a list of over 50 risks commonly found on insurer risk registers, and asked, “Which risks present the most danger to your firm in 2017?" Continue reading →

Finding your way through the emerging risks maze – Some thoughts for mutual insurers

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with no slowdown in sight. 3D printers, driverless cars and drones, mobile communications and the internet of things are revolutionising our daily lives, and at the same time bringing opportunities to mutual … Continue reading →

How are companies using captives today?

The number of insurance captives in the world today exceeds 7,000, and many of us in captive industry, including me, think that number is set to shoot up. Continue reading →

What to Do About Emerging Risks…

WillisWire has on several occasions featured opinions from a large number of our contributors about what might be the next emerging risk in various sectors. But what can be done once you have identified an emerging risk? Continue reading →