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Reshaping the compensation and benefits landscape with artificial intelligence

Just the mention of artificial intelligence (AI) evokes excitement and dread at the same time. AI is the inevitable next step in the evolution of technology. Leaders in business, technology and science are already mapping parameters to guide AI development … Continue reading →

Employers focus on improving quality and access for behavioral health services

Findings from the 2017 Willis Towers Watson Behavioral Health Survey illustrates that U.S. employers are focused on improving quality and access for their benefits programs aimed at reducing anxiety, depression and substance abuse. Key findings: Most U.S. employers say behavioral … Continue reading →

5 guidelines for open enrollment communications

To help take the sting out of the open enrollment process (at least on the communication side), I offer these five simple guidelines. Continue reading →

Our Scariest Benefits Risk – Health Reform Deadlines

Scariest risks 2014

2015 will be the deadline for most employers to finally be in full (or mostly full) compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Employers have to know which employees are full-time versus part-time and make the appropriate … Continue reading →