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Geopolitical instability: Turning up the heat on the energy industry

oil fire

Nascent trends of geopolitical instability continue to foster uncertainty and hazards in the energy market landscape. Continue reading →

Energy Market Review 2018: Energy insurers remain caught between a rock and a hard place

Electrical worker among power lines

As we explain in our latest Energy Market Review, 2017 was an interesting year for both the energy and (re)insurance industries, with the good news of the oil price recovery and increased activity in the upstream sector energy industry being … Continue reading →

A importância do seguro na gestão dos riscos do setor de energia

wind and solar farm

O gerenciamento de riscos e contratação de seguros para o setor de energia é minucioso. Mas no que ele se diferencia dos outros segmentos? A diferenciação na contratação dos seguros para o setor energético não está no ramo do seguro, … Continue reading →

Cheapest Ever Insurance Prices: Surely That’s Good News For The Energy Industry?

Energy companies are under the strongest of pressure to cut costs as much as possible in this challenging business environment. So no doubt they are delighted to read in our latest Energy Market Review that insurance market capacity is up, … Continue reading →

Energy: cinco áreas de preocupação para a indústria

Este ano a indústria de energia está enfrentando possivelmente o seu maior desafio em 50 anos com a queda nos preços do petróleo e estoques atingindo níveis recordes. Para o futuro próximo, disciplina e redução de custos operacionais e de … Continue reading →

Our Scariest Energy Risk – Geo-Political Disruption to Oil Supplies

Scariest risks 2014

From an energy industry perspective, the dual geo-political threat of disruption to oil supplies from both Russia and the Middle East is in many ways the ultimate scary risk. Clearly, the main impact on the energy industry would be on … Continue reading →