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Panel at ERM Symposium: ERM for Financial Intermediaries

Insurance company risk managers need to recognize that traditional activities like underwriting, pricing and reserving are vitally important parts of managing the risks of their firm. Enterprise risk management (ERM) tends to focus upon only two or three of the … Continue reading →

ERM Symposium Panel: Actuarial Professional Risk Management

In just a few days, actuaries will be the first group of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) professionals to make a commitment to specific ERM standards for their work. In 2012, the Actuarial Standards Board passed two new Actuarial Standards of … Continue reading →

Has the Risk Profession Become a Spectator Sport?

The 2013 ERM Symposium goes back to Chicago this year after a side trip to DC for 2012. This is the 11th year for the premier program for financial risk managers. Continue reading →

What to Do About Emerging Risks…

WillisWire has on several occasions featured opinions from a large number of our contributors about what might be the next emerging risk in various sectors. But what can be done once you have identified an emerging risk? Continue reading →

U.S. Insurers Need to Get Ready for ORSA


Slowly, but surely, and without a lot of fanfare, U.S. insurance regulators have been orchestrating a sea change in their interaction with companies over solvency.  Not as dramatic as Solvency II in Europe, but the U.S. changes are actually happening … Continue reading →

Emerging ERM Risk of 2013: Abandonment of Risk Management

Emerging Risks

Insurers are rethinking their commitment to enterprise risk management (ERM) as Solvency II drifts further into the distance but this could bring new risks. Continue reading →

Resiliency vs. Fragility

Is there really a choice?  Who would choose to be fragile over resilient? Continue reading →

Risk Attitude and Risk Management – How we Fail to Agree About Risk


What's your risk perspective and how does your risk attitude match with your experience of risky situations? Continue reading →

Five Bucket ERM

Forget about risk registers and risk models. What you really need is a good risk bucket system. Continue reading →

Enterprise Risk Management in Lean Times

working under a tight budget

The good news for risk managers is: since times have been tough, company management is listening to your message. The bad news for risk managers is: since times have been tough, there’s not much budget for anyone, let alone an area with no hope of new revenue generation. So risk managers are being asked to do more and more with less and less. Here are some tips on how to meet expectations without crashing the budget. Continue reading →