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Reinsurance and Solvency II: The Challenge of Regulating Diverse Markets

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If you’ve read any of my past blogs about Solvency II you will know that I have a love/hate relationship with it. I fully believe in and support what Solvency II is trying to do but find the way it … Continue reading →

Another Level of Protection: What is a Reinsurance Treaty?

Just about all insurers, whether they are companies, Lloyd’s syndicates or mutual associations, need reinsurance. It protects the insurer’s capital base against the adverse effects of large individual losses or irregular loss patterns such as may be caused by natural … Continue reading →

Dealing With the Big Stuff: Excess of Loss Reinsurance

A reinsurance contract can protect an insurer’s balance sheet against abnormal fluctuations in results that may be caused by large individual claims or by larger numbers of smaller claims that occur as a result of a catastrophe or other unforeseen circumstances.  … Continue reading →

Excess of Loss Reinsurance Contracts: LOD or RAD Basis?

When it comes to expressing the period applicable to an excess of loss reinsurance contract, there are two common ways of defining which losses fall within the contract period. Continue reading →