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2017: The year Fintech grows up and learns to play nice

2017 will be remembered as the year that technology and finance finally came to terms with each other. While the hype may be dying, Fintech is now better positioned to change the industry in the coming year. That rock-and-roll band … Continue reading →

The five risks that threaten the future of FinTech — and how insurance can help


Advances in technology promise to change the way financial institutions operate, necessitating a reexamination of the way insurance mitigates their risk. Continue reading →

Why Asian TMT companies are recognizing the importance of insurance and a risk management approach

Asian telecommunications, media and technology companies are increasingly expanding outside their core markets to seek out new sources of growth, widening their exposure to risks. Continue reading →

Robo-advisers – an iron giant

At the beginning of June, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) launched its Advice Unit, designed to help “robo-advisers” – firms offering automated advice through online platforms to deliver cheaper advice to consumers. Advice gap I’d give you advice, but you … Continue reading →

¿Qué Riesgos Están Surgiendo en el 2016?

Nuestro mundo está avanzando a un ritmo que invita a la innovación que crece a velocidad vertiginosa, animando a las empresas a saltar en territorios inexplorados. Ya sea que se trate de nuevas tecnologías de punta – como los drones … Continue reading →

FinTech: a inovação pode limitar o acesso financeiro para alguns

A inovação financeira baseada em tecnologia transformou o setor financeiro. Em especial, as empresas de tecnologia (start–ups) aplicada aos serviços financeiros (FinTech), que têm revolucionado o setor para o histórico acesso bancário ou sem banco, permitindo acessar, transferir e economizar … Continue reading →

Don’t Let FinTech Eliminate Financial Access for Some

Technology-based financial innovation has transformed the financial sector. In particular, financial technology (FinTech) firms have revolutionised financial services for the historically underbanked or unbanked, who can now access, transfer and save money, particularly in parts of the world where mobile … Continue reading →

Wearable Technology: Going Out On a Limb

Contactless payments are a relatively new but well known phenomenon; in the U.K. consumers spent more than £2.5 billion via the technology in the first half of 2015. Transport for London adopted the technology in September 2014, and in the … Continue reading →

FinTech and the Ethical Use of Personal Data

As we move into an era of access to greater amounts of users’ personal information, it is time for a debate about the ethical use of personal data to ensure that financial innovation doesn’t create financial exclusion or marginalisation. We … Continue reading →

What risks will emerge in 2016?

Our world is advancing at a pace that invites innovation at breakneck speed, encouraging companies to jump into untested waters. Whether it is new, disruptive technologies – such as drones – or just a new way of doing business – such … Continue reading →