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What Oil Volatility Means for Political Risk

oil barrels (blue)

The price of a barrel of oil has slipped by almost 40% in the last few months (from $115 to $70). This is primarily due to three reasons: the global economy is consuming less oil; OPEC has started producing more oil; the US has been producing shale gas much more effectively and efficiently. Continue reading →

Video: Navigating a Tough Energy Market

Major losses in 2011 have resulted in extremely tough conditions, reduced capacity and increased pricing for energy insurance buyers in 2012. We caught up with Mark Oakley, leader of Willis Energy’s Houston team, at RIMS this week to discuss what … Continue reading →

Willis Review Finds Energy Market Stable but Fragile

The energy market recorded its worst ever year for non-windstorm related losses in 2011 with close to $9 bn in combined insured and uninsured total losses. This is according to our latest Willis Energy Market Review that was released today … Continue reading →

Emerging Environmental Liability Risk of 2012

As per Robin Somerville’s blog above, hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” as it’s more commonly referred to, is quickly emerging as one of the more significant risks facing not only the Energy market but the Environmental insurance industry too. Continue reading →

Emerging Energy Risk of 2012

One of the most significant emerging energy risks is the growth of the hydraulic fracking process used to extract gas from shale formations. The legal and social issues that accompany the rapid expansion of this method of production, together with the potential … Continue reading →