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Re-imagining the role of insurance underwriters

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Far from usurping the role of underwriters in insurance, digital innovation, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) could help free them up to focus on activities that can generate additional revenue and profits. Digital transformation continues to drive profound change within … Continue reading →

The Future of Work – Do you have a legacy mindset? (Part 2 in a series)

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While there is a lot of talk about robots replacing workers and artificial intelligence (AI) replacing human intelligence, we believe the emergence of new definitions of “work” and “workers” brings immense opportunity for organizations. In a sense, it’s what HR … Continue reading →

A new model for the HR function of the future (Part 2 in series)

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In our last post, we discussed why breakthrough approaches are necessary for Human Resources to meet today’s changing workforce needs. Here, we discuss a new model that goes beyond traditional job constructs to integrate a broader array of stakeholders and … Continue reading →

Shaping the future of talent, rewards and work

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“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker. It’s a provocative statement: instead of waiting for the future to arrive, take a role in shaping it. (After all, once it’s here, it’s no longer … Continue reading →

Are threats of artificial intelligence-driven ‘job apocalypse’ overstated?

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Much of the media narrative on Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolves around fear. Like something out of The Terminator movie franchise, intelligent machines and robots are portrayed as an existential threat to human kind. Now many fear that automation and AI … Continue reading →

Relationship goals: Are you ready to engage your people network?

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Creating a differentiated Talent Value Proposition for all the people helping you get work done When I’m having dinner with friends I like to play a game called “Side Hustle.” I ask people what they would do outside their normal … Continue reading →

Embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution: What HR can do to unlock talent and lead their workforce through digital transformation

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It’s time to radically retool human resources. Even the most visionary CHROs can struggle with how to do that. After all, the digitally and technology-driven Fourth Industrial Revolution is causing positive and powerful disruption in almost every industry across the … Continue reading →

Et si Chaplin, Stallone et Marc Zuckerberg avaient raison ? (Épisode #3)

Quelques réflexions sur l’Avenir du Travail dans le contexte de la Quatrième Révolution Industrielle : suite et fin Chapitre 3 : Et si Chaplin, Stallone et Marc Zuckerberg avaient raison ? Dans les deux premières parties de cette réflexion sur … Continue reading →

Et si Chaplin, Stallone et Marc Zuckerberg avaient raison ? (Épisode #2)

Après le premier épisode ” Charlie Chaplin et les Temps Modernes “, voici l’épisode 2 : Sylvester Stallone et le progrès au service de l’Homme ! Dans la première partie de cette chronique, nous avons rapidement survolé, au milieu de quelques effets de … Continue reading →

Une nécessaire redéfinition de la protection sociale à enclencher dès 2018

  La protection sociale en France est à repenser. Premier constat : l’individualisation du rapport au travail (boom des free-lances, contrats courts, contrats de mission…) prend rapidement de l’ampleur. Aujourd’hui dans le monde 41% des sociétés font appel à des travailleurs … Continue reading →