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Cyber Criminals Continue Onslaught on Global Retail

key in motherboard

Through the development of new and more advanced malware, cyber criminals are becoming ever more focused on the volume and nature of data held on retailers’ IT systems. The attack on the U.S. retailer Target in late 2013 has led … Continue reading →

POS Systems and P.O.S. Hackers: How Much Cyber Insurance is Enough for a Retailer?

targeting retailer registers

It’s been about 2 months since the first of the stories broke on the multiple large-scale hacking attacks in the retail sector.  The target in this recent round were the “Point of Sale” systems, the computers and card/pin pads formerly … Continue reading →

2013: Year of the Mega Breach

Gloved Hands on Keyboard

As 2014 kicks off, we take a moment to reflect on the data breaches of 2013.  A few staggering statistics jump off the page.  according to Risk Based Security, Inc., 2013 had about A THIRD LESS data breaches reported/cataloged than … Continue reading →

SPOTLIGHT ON CYBER: Is Any Industry Safe?

World Cyber Risk

It may be time to add a new item to life’s certainties: Death, Taxes and Hackers. Our interconnected, online world continues to push the envelope of productivity and convenience, while at the same time decreasing privacy and security. Our special … Continue reading →

5 Financial Stories You May Have Missed: The Senator and the Onion

5 Financial News Stories

This week: Elizabeth Warren, Lehman, stockbrokers, credit unions, embezzlement , hackers, and The Onion. Continue reading →

5 Financial News Stories You May Have Missed: Clawbacks and Jelly

5 Financial News Stories

The stories that mattered in finance this week: clawbacks settlements, Libor, and jelly... Continue reading →