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2017: The year Fintech grows up and learns to play nice

2017 will be remembered as the year that technology and finance finally came to terms with each other. While the hype may be dying, Fintech is now better positioned to change the industry in the coming year. That rock-and-roll band … Continue reading →

The frontier of innovation in insurance

Is it really happening? Let’s start with the word insurtech. It’s a mashup of insurance and technology and yes, it is happening right now. On the technology side we are seeing trends that have been coming for a while, including … Continue reading →

L’assurance Affinitaire : un marché en forte croissance (2/2)

Le marché de l’affinitaire a vocation à proposer des produits d’assurance en BtoBtoC qui enrichissent l’offre de leurs clients distributeurs notamment banque, téléphonie, distribution spécialisée ou encore pur player internet en apportant différentiation et revenus supplémentaires grâce à des dispositifs … Continue reading →

L’assurance Affinitaire : Un marché en forte croissance (1/2)

L’assurance affinitaire est un marché en forte croissance, sous une double impulsion : La distribution affinitaire permet à chacun des clients de nos partenaires d’accéder efficacement, rapidement, et sans sélection, aux couvertures traditionnelles ou non, qui lui sont importantes, voire obligatoires. … Continue reading →

If you want to do more with your captive, try asking your colleagues

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s a pretty cut-throat world out there. Companies are continuously jostling for market share, each trying to out-do one another in delivering the best, freshest and most exciting products or solutions to the ever-growing demands of … Continue reading →

L’avenir du secteur des technologies, des média et des télécommunications

Le secteur des technologies, des média et des télécommunications (TMT) est un secteur où le changement est constant, où le risque est intégré de manière quotidienne et où l’innovation ne s’arrête jamais. Une amélioration sans fin signifie prendre des risques … Continue reading →

The future of the technology, media and telecommunications sector

The Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector (TMT) is one where change is a constant, risk is embraced on a daily basis, and innovation is relentless. Endless improvement means taking on – and taking advantage – of risk. Firms in this … Continue reading →

Banks of the future: Millennials and risk culture

From employees, to consumers, banks need to affect true cultural and behavioural change, restore trust and ethics and ensure consumers are placed at the heart of business. Continue reading →

Creating a culture of innovation: Eagles fly and humans create

“A culture of innovation” should promote a safe, spirited atmosphere stimulating creative thought and offering ways to identify obstructions that severely suppress innovation. It may also challenge what we believe about our own ability to create. But organizations frequently bump … Continue reading →

Creating a Culture of Innovation

In 1903, a human being atop the sandy dunes of Kitty Hawk North Carolina piloted the first engine-powered machine known as the airplane (aero plane) – a machine that defied gravity by leaving the earth’s surface. Two brothers, bicycle mechanics … Continue reading →