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Benign Aviation Market Makes for Happy Buyers

Airplane Landing at Sunset

The airline insurance market is as stable as people can ever remember. Abundant capacity, low loss levels and minimum exposure growth means that it remains a buyers market. We reported all this recently in our latest Airline Market Update. Continue reading →

The Top 5 Threats to the Energy Industry in 2012

Delegates at Willis’ second North American Energy Conference ranked the threats to the industry in order of importance to them. Here's what they said. Continue reading →

Aerospace Insurance Remains a Buyers’ Market

Turbo Jet Engine

As the latest Willis Aerospace Aviation Products Market Review reveals, the Aerospace market remains a buyers’ market in every sector. Continue reading →

Energy Insurance Markets Defy Economic Laws

One of the strangest features of the energy insurance market that we address in our recently released 2012 Energy Market Review is how the market is seemingly defying the basic laws of economics. These state that an increase in supply—in … Continue reading →

Willis Review Finds Energy Market Stable but Fragile

The energy market recorded its worst ever year for non-windstorm related losses in 2011 with close to $9 bn in combined insured and uninsured total losses. This is according to our latest Willis Energy Market Review that was released today … Continue reading →

Beware the Calm Before the Storm! Why Today’s Stable Energy Market Conditions Could Disappear Overnight

It’s part of my job to highlight where Willis thinks the energy insurance markets are headed as we move into 2012. In our most recent Energy Market Review newsletter we’ve highlighted the various factors that are currently contributing to the … Continue reading →

Willis Power Market Review – The Year of the Cat

Despite a spate of cat losses, Willis' latest Power Market Review finds that the insurance market is well capitalized with no signs of price increases. Continue reading →

It’s All About the Price, Right? Norwegian Energy Clients Beg to Differ

On what basis do energy insurance buyers select their broker? Price? Service? Our Norway survey results may surprise you. Continue reading →

The Next Hard Power Market

According to the book of Ecclesiastes, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun”. Yet every generation tends to think that the challenges it faces have never … Continue reading →