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Uptake of robotic-assisted surgery brings risk

Once considered a far-fetched science fiction notion, robotics is now being used in the medical arena, offering transformative potential in patient care, prostheses and surgery. The proliferation of surgical robotics offers many cost- and precision-related advantages, but it also gives … Continue reading →

Misdiagnosis: The Most Common Source of Malpractice Claims–Persistently

Doctor upset

BMJ recently reported "missed diagnoses were the most common source of malpractice claims." Long an issue, misdiagnosis rates may be about to get worse. Continue reading →

Missouri Supreme Court Strikes Down Malpractice Caps–a Trend?

Money Breaking Thru Ceiling

The Supreme Court of Missouri this month struck down the law that paced a $350,000 cap on malpractice awards as unconstitutional. Missouri now joins Illinois and Georgia as the states that in recent years have overturned past legislative efforts at … Continue reading →