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Desastres naturales devastadores continúan golpeando a México. ¿Qué significa y qué sigue?

Mientras México sigue contando las víctimas y evaluando los daños del último sismo que golpeó a la capital, que se estima pueda alcanzar los $10bn, de acuerdo con el Servicio Geológico de los Estados Unidos, nosotros reflexionamos en cómo el … Continue reading →

Devastating natural disasters continue to pummel Mexico. What does it mean and what’s next?

While Mexico is still counting the victims and assessing the damage from the last earthquake that struck the capital, estimated to be up to $10bn according to the USGS, we reflect on how the country is being hit left, right … Continue reading →

Marketplace Realities: Political Risk

geo political risks

In this update to our Marketplace Realities, political risk edition, our price prediction for political risk is flat to +2%. There are several locales in which political risks are significant. Continue reading →

The Capture of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán

The high profile and dramatic capture of “El Chapo” marks a significant victory for Peña Nieto’s administration’s strategy on tackling drug trafficking organisations. However, it could also herald a shift in Mexico’s criminal landscape and prompt a series of swift … Continue reading →

Mexico Getting Tough on Environmental Liability

Oil Slick on Water

There have been many different legal, regulatory and political initiatives to address environmental damage and liability issues in Mexico over the past 15 years or so.  But in early June of this year, Mexico has grown some serious “teeth” with … Continue reading →

Prepare for the Next Emerging Markets

If the first round of massive and rapid globalization produced four juggernauts of economic development that most companies were desperate to tap into and at times struggled to manage, shouldn’t more attention be paid NOW to round two? Continue reading →

Emerging Global Risk of 2013: Missing out on BRICS 2

Emerging Risks

The emerging risk for global business in 2013 is the risk of missing out on the next emerging markets. Continue reading →