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Corporate Social Responsibility – Six key imperatives for mining companies (Part 2)

See part 1 of the series: Four challenges facing the mining industry. As mining companies venture into more remote locations to find reserves, they typically must conduct scores of studies and financial models before they are authorized to break ground. … Continue reading →

Four challenges facing the mining industry (Part 1 in series)

In our recently published Mining Risk Review, Willis Towers Watson identified four challenges that all mining companies should be addressing as we move further into the second part of this decade. These are: Operating within a volatile geopolitical landscape: Mining … Continue reading →

Why a well-run energy industry workforce underpins effective asset risk management

Piper Alpha. Longford. Texas City. Deepwater Horizon. Everyone in the energy industry knows about these landmark energy losses, and everyone fears another one. But apart from being catastrophic, each of these occurrences has one common thread — human error. Where … Continue reading →

Despite Anthony Hilton’s warning, energy insurance products are still valuable say risk managers

There’s no doubt that both the energy and insurance industries are facing challenging times. Low oil prices are driving cost-cutting and workforce layoffs, at a time when the insurance markets are beset by over-capacity and a dwindling premium income base. … Continue reading →