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A serious warning from the New Zealand courts for directors of subsidiaries of foreign-owned parents

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In a globalized economy, directors of foreign-owned companies need to consider the impact of foreign law, regulation and practice governing the parent. Continue reading →

Bridgecorp’s Impact on International Liability Programmes: Does the Defence Costs Tap Remain Frozen?

New Zealand Over Globe

So how big a problem for international programmes is the Supreme Court decision in Bridgecorp about which I recently blogged? In other words, what impact does the decision have on large companies that buy their D&O (or E&O or other … Continue reading →

Bridgecorp Decision Freezes Defence Costs Tap for Directors

On the day before Christmas Eve 2013, the Supreme Court of New Zealand handed down a judgment dramatically changing the landscape for D&O (and E&O) indemnity insurance claims in New Zealand. In one of my last blogs of 2013 I … Continue reading →

New Zealand Reversal Favors Directors

New Zealand Justice

The New Zealand Court of Appeal has just (on 20th December) handed down a long awaited judgment in the Bridgecorp case (and in another case on similar facts involving the insolvency of Feltex). The decision is very significant since it … Continue reading →

New Zealand Re/insurance Industry Feels Aftershocks of Quakes

The New Zealand quakes of 2010 and 2011 had a major impact on society and the cityscape--and radically changed the local insurance and reinsurance marketplace, writes guest blogger Jeremy Andrew, business development manager for Willis New Zealand. Continue reading →

Directors and Officers Left Defenseless

New Zealand Justice

A surprise decision by a New Zealand court has denied directors access to their D&O policy to help pay their legal cost. Continue reading →