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Com a retomada no gatilho!

O mercado de Óleo e Gás quer decolar. Ao longo de 2017, acompanhamos a agenda adotada pela Agência Nacional do Petróleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis (ANP) e os sentimentos de uma indústria abatida que se traduzem em ansiedade e apreensão. … Continue reading →

Queda de preço: como se comparam os mercados de energia upstream e downstream?

O recente colapso no preço do petróleo afetou toda a indústria de energia downstream e upstream. De onde quer que você olhe, a história é a mesma, inclusive nos mercados da América Latina: – investimentos estão sendo retirados – projetos … Continue reading →

Commodities Price Plunge: How Do The Upstream and Downstream Energy Markets Compare?

The recent collapse in the price of oil has impacted the entire downstream and upstream energy industry. Wherever you look the story is the same, including in the Latin American markets: investments are being withdrawn projects are being postponed yard … Continue reading →

What Oil Volatility Means for Political Risk

oil barrels (blue)

The price of a barrel of oil has slipped by almost 40% in the last few months (from $115 to $70). This is primarily due to three reasons: the global economy is consuming less oil; OPEC has started producing more oil; the US has been producing shale gas much more effectively and efficiently. Continue reading →

Our Scariest Energy Risk – Geo-Political Disruption to Oil Supplies

Scariest risks 2014

From an energy industry perspective, the dual geo-political threat of disruption to oil supplies from both Russia and the Middle East is in many ways the ultimate scary risk. Clearly, the main impact on the energy industry would be on … Continue reading →

Are You a Short-Termist or a Long-Termist on Energy?

Willis Renewable Energy expert looks at the implications of the IEA's World Energy Outlook report for the renewable and insurance sectors. Continue reading →

Scariest Energy Risk: Macondo Mach II

In the energy industry, the unthinkable has perhaps already happened: the $40 billion in losses associated with the Macondo well... Continue reading →

Our Scariest Risks (2011)

The Scream, by Edvard Munch (1893)

We asked each of our bloggers to tell us the scariest risk in their area of expertise. Which one makes you tremble most? Continue reading →

After Qaddafi: What Now?

While the death of Quaddafi heralds a new dawn in Libya's history, the scale of the task facing its National Transitional Council should not be underestimated. Continue reading →