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Developing a strategy to prevent and manage opioid risk and misuse among your employees

Patient and doctor discussing treatment options

Employers can help reduce the risk of opioid misuse by implementing strategies to minimize and even prevent the need to prescribe opioids in the first place. Continue reading →

Pain management and opioids – managing a growing employer challenge amid a national crisis

Pharmacist's hand with orange prescription pill bottle

How to conduct a current state assessment of opioid risk and misuse in your population. Continue reading →

Who benefits from the 21st Cures Act?

On December 13, 2016, President Obama signed into law the 21st Century Cures Act (“Cures Act”). The legislation was designed to accelerate regulatory pathways for regenerative therapies to meet severe unmet medical needs. Within its provisions, the Bill will support President Obama and … Continue reading →

Potential Economic and Safety Impacts of the FDA’s New Generic Drug-Labeling Rule

The FDA has proposed changes in the regulations that govern the rights and duties of generic drug manufacturers to update safety information in product labeling. Over the course of the next 12 months it is likely that the FDA will … Continue reading →

What Risks is Health Care’s Digital Revolution Opening it up to?

Health care is undergoing a digital revolution, driven by the need to increase efficiency, embrace digital technology and improve patient care. Yet the current pace, scale and complexity of technology adoption is putting health care providers at a significant risk … Continue reading →

Understanding the Impact of Pharmacy Costs and How to Cushion the Blow

specialty drug prices

In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have shifted gears: from developing drugs that treat common or more prevalent diseases, to spending billions to develop drugs that combat or even cure cancer or rare diseases. This includes drugs for chronic conditions such … Continue reading →

Life Sciences Executives and Off-Label Allegations: An Insurance Perspective

off label medication

The headline was quite disturbing: “Executives Charged with Securities Fraud and Crimes Related to Sale and Distribution of Medical Devices”. One of the first questions that an executive may ask is “can this claim be covered by insurance?” Well, the … Continue reading →

Warning: Drug Development May Have Side Effects

Drug-Testing Mouse

Much good comes from the development of pharmaceuticals, biologics and other novel therapeutics. However, as with almost any venture, where there is reward there is the risk of negative side effects. Continue reading →

Hidden Risks of Hospital Clinical Research

Dropper Into Vial

Hospitals can benefit from conducting clinical research in their facilities, but failure to identify and handle the risk exposures this research creates can cost millions of dollars. Continue reading →