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The Human Risk Factor: Falsification Leads to Major Pollution

oil leak

An employee at a leading pipeline company, responsible for a massive jet fuel leak near Mitchell International Airport that cost $19 million to clean up, has agreed to plead guilty to federal criminal charges this week in the United States. Continue reading →

Can Mandatory Environmental Insurance Resolve Pollution Problems in China and the Rest of the World?

World Environment Protection

Authority-driven incentives and enforcement are needed if we are to expect environmental insurers to bear the social responsibility of reducing pollution events in countries where pollution liability insurance is compulsory. Continue reading →

The Tip of the Iceberg: Environmental Damages Fines

Chemical and Oil Drums Dumped in Arctic (Pollution)

In a recent report, the UK International Underwriting Association (IUA) provided several useful illustrations of the potential environmental exposures facing all kinds of businesses. These scenarios have one thing in common. They highlight the fact that criminal fines are really … Continue reading →

Podcast: Environmental Risks

WillisWire Podcasts

At the end of last year a Hungarian aluminium producer was fined 472 million euros over a spillage of toxic sludge that killed ten people. Added to that the Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) adds a significant new regulatory burden to businesses … Continue reading →

A Warning Against Mixed Messages on ELD Efficiency

Prosecutions under the Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) are rare or non-existent in many EU member states and potential buyers of environmental insurance remain ‘in the dark’ over the benefits of such cover and how the regime affects their operations. That … Continue reading →

China: The Smog Thickens

Beijing Smog

Smog in China, and particularly in Beijing, has reached hazadrous levels. What is causing such dangerously high pollution in the country, and what could be done to try and reduce it? Continue reading →

Our Scariest Environmental Liability Risk – Undead Cases: Closed Cases Coming Back to Life

Scariest Risks

What environmental risk can be worse than an “unknown” pollution condition rearing its ugly head? How about one that comes back to life after you thought it was dead forever? Continue reading →

Our Scariest Chinese Risk – Gridlock in the Chinese Capital

Scariest Risks

That the traffic in the capital of the world’s most populous nation is a nightmare is well-known to its inhabitants, and it is often ranked as the worst city in the world for traffic congestion. Continue reading →

Costa’s Cost Could Sink that of Titanic

The Concordia, which is owned by Carnival Cruise Lines, may very well sink the Titanic's marine loss record. Chris Bhatt of Willis Marine practice discusses the incident's significance in the marine insurance world, both from a hull loss and liability perspective. Continue reading →

5 Reasons to Explore the Environmental Insurance Marketplace

We’ve all heard a lot in the news lately about some rather large and very damaging environmental catastrophes: the nuclear contamination that followed the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the release of toxic sludge at a metal refinery in Hungary, … Continue reading →