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The great data myth: Is the Cloud really less secure than onsite?

Cloud security. It’s one of the most frequently cited concerns for businesses that are considering moving their applications and data to a cloud provider. The common belief is the company’s data is more secure on company-owned servers at onsite data … Continue reading →

Increase your cyber IQ with the alphabet of cyber protection

Ransomware attacks, such as WannaCry and Petya, have captured the headlines over the past several months. It was recently announced publicly that a mega cable network was hit with a ransomware incident when hackers released a trove of stolen files online, … Continue reading →

Your construction workforce – Your biggest cyber risk and first line of defense

With the growth of cyber-related crime at an unprecedented high, it’s clear that no organization is completely immune. Many industries are falling behind in their appreciation of cyber losses. While digitalization is a common feature of boardroom discussions, confusion remains … Continue reading →

Alerta al cliente: Cómo proteger su organización del ransomware

En los últimos días, un ciberataque a gran escala que utiliza una poderosa variedad de malware conocida como “WannaCry” se aprovechó de una falla en el sistema operativo de los equipos Windows. WannaCry es una versión de ransomware (y se … Continue reading →

Alerta ao Cliente: Protegendo a sua organização de ransomware

Nas últimas semanas um ataque cibernético em grande escala, utilizando uma poderosa variedade de malware comumente conhecido como “WannaCry”, aproveitou uma falha no sistema operacional de computadores baseados no Windows. O WannaCry é uma versão de ransomware (e as variações … Continue reading →

Client Alert: Protecting your organization from ransomware

In the last several days, a large-scale cyberattack utilizing a powerful strain of malware commonly known as “WannaCry” took advantage of a flaw in the operating system of Windows-based computers. WannaCry is a version of ransomware (and variations of it … Continue reading →

Scariest Risks of 2016

As Halloween nears, people’s thoughts inevitably turn to ghoulies and ghosties, and long-leggedy beasties, and things that go bump in the night. At the Wire we take this opportunity to reflect on the scariest risks our clients faced this year.  … Continue reading →

5 key considerations in responding to cyber extortion demands

Cyber extortion is a growing and rapidly evolving risk. What should companies do in response to one of the more insidious forms of cyber extortion on the rise: so-called ransomware attacks. Continue reading →