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Insurance, behavior and reputation: What happens when aviation meets insurance

airplane landing

While insurance and risk reduction are almost always worth the investment, there is no silver bullet. Effective risk management requires an altogether deeper understanding of the risk, based on data and observation. Continue reading →

Retail: Is there opportunity in uncertainty?

people walking down the street with purses and shopping bags with umbrellas

As a retailer, your view of the sector likely depends on several variables. How you’re embracing the continued growth of online shopping and automation across the value chain, how you’re adapting to rising operating costs while sharing in your consumers’ … Continue reading →

Six reasons why the mining industry outlook remains uncertain


Last September we released our first Mining Risk Review as Willis Towers Watson. We entitled the review “Dealing with Uncertainty” – but on the eve of our North American Mining Conference in Toronto next week, what exactly are these uncertainties? … Continue reading →

A Lot on Their Plate: Food and Beverage Industry Faces Reputational Risk

Meat shopping

I had the chance to catch up recently with Greg Benefield, Food & Beverage Leader for Willis North America, and he did not hesitate when I asked about the risks facing this broad industry sector: the number-one risk management issue … Continue reading →

Company Culture is the Key to Resilience

Resilient Winter Tree

I would like to focus here on a key cultural element that underpins resilience, and that is the bond of trust that exists in resilient companies among leaders, managers, employees, the Board, financiers, partners suppliers and indeed all stakeholders. Continue reading →

Bangladesh Tragedies: Beyond Reputational Risk

Reuters: Bangladesh Garment Factory Disaster - rescue efforts

The series of tragic events over the past 6 months in the troubled Bangladeshi garment industry truly highlight the need for a thoughtful evaluation of brand risk, public relations strategy, corporate disaster / crisis management planning and flat-out business ethics … Continue reading →

Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Product Recalls – What Role for Insurance?

Pill Bottles

Anybody who tracks medical device and pharmaceutical FDA recalls knows that these occur with some regularity and that some of the recalls are necessary to prevent serious life threatening injuries. A product recall can be potentially devastating for the product … Continue reading →

Natural and Cyber Catastrophes Bring Reputational Risk to the Fore

Sandbags for Flood

Risks associated with a company’s corporate reputation are evolving as a major topic of conversation and concern among risk managers. Continue reading →

Emerging Reputational Risk of 2013: Insidious New Reputational Risk of Social Media

Emerging Risks

History is littered with examples of businesses that have been struck by reputational risks—the Perrier water example is oft quoted in management training programmes. Continue reading →

Emerging Supply Chain Risk of 2013: Does Your Supply Chain Hold Reputational Risks?

Emerging Risks

It has been interesting to watch newly created heads of sustainability and corporate responsibility in major global companies taking a strong interest in supply chain risk. Continue reading →