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Changing risk culture and the dynamic CRO

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Establishing a consistent and enterprise-wide risk management framework, supported by a strong risk culture, aids business resilience. It can also help organizations identify and take advantage of the right strategic opportunities and ultimately gain competitive advantage. Continue reading →

Instability in countries like Venezuela highlights need for political risk insurance

Faut-il réinventer le salaire de base?

As Venezuela’s economic and political crisis reaches a boiling point, it serves as a cautionary tale to corporations that have invested in fast growing but increasingly unstable economies. Continue reading →

Eight key considerations for chief risk officers now that strategic planning is over

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Business planning for most insurers wrapped up a few weeks ago. For a chief risk officer (CRO) these sessions offer a key opportunity to share insights on the risks companies may face in the coming year, provided they have a … Continue reading →

How to optimize your loyalty program: get personal

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Advanced modeling techniques can help loyalty program sponsors understand their members better and extract more long-term bang from investment and marketing bucks. Understanding member behaviors has always been important for loyalty program sponsors who focus on the estimation of associated … Continue reading →

2018’s most dangerous risks for insurers

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One definition of insanity is “doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.” Well, we asked insurers the same question in December 2017 that we asked in December 2016: What are the most dangerous risks to your company in … Continue reading →

Werknemers van bouwbedrijven, het grootste cyberrisico én de eerste lijn van defensie

Geen enkele organisatie is volledig immuun tegen cybercriminaliteit. En ondanks dat digitalisering hoog op de agenda staat bij organisaties, is cybersecurity vaak nog geen onderdeel van de bedrijfscultuur. Het  management is zich niet altijd voldoende bewust van de risico’s van … Continue reading →

A indústria de construção é impactada por riscos geopolíticos e de pessoas

O Índice de Risco de Construção 2017, da Willis Towers Watson, foi publicado com base em uma extensa pesquisa de risco, realizada com 350 executivos seniores em toda a indústria de construção. O estudo global analisou o impacto de cinco … Continue reading →

Modern Methods of Construction Back in the Spotlight

Rising costs and a shortage of skilled labour in the construction industry have thrown modern methods of construction (MMC) into the spotlight over recent months. Developers need a cheaper method of construction while politicians are looking for a quick fix … Continue reading →

Reinsurance Evolves to Protect Earnings

In today’s environment, managing an insurance company’s risk is increasingly challenging; scrutiny of insurers’ financial health and the inevitable associated market and peer comparisons are greater than ever before. Continue reading →

Management is Needed: Not Incentive Compensation

Many theoreticians and more than a few executives take the position that incentive compensation is a powerful motivator. It therefore follows that careful crafting of the incentive compensation program is all that it takes to get the most out of a … Continue reading →