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Uptake of robotic-assisted surgery brings risk

Once considered a far-fetched science fiction notion, robotics is now being used in the medical arena, offering transformative potential in patient care, prostheses and surgery. The proliferation of surgical robotics offers many cost- and precision-related advantages, but it also gives … Continue reading →

Los Robots Llegaron: ¿Estamos listos?

Desde que las primeras piezas manejadas por computadora entraron en servicio, en una planta de fabricación de automóviles de General Motors en el 1961, casi todos los sectores de servicios y manufactura en el mundo se han beneficiado por el incremento … Continue reading →

Robots Are Here: Are We Ready?

Since the first computer-managed elements entered service in a General Motors auto manufacturing plant in 1961, almost every service and manufacturing industry in the world has benefited from increased automation provided — to a greater or lesser degree — by … Continue reading →