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SEC to Netflix: “I Am Not Your Friend (Nor a Follower)”

SEC to Netflix: Facebook isn't Enough

Back in 2000, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission adopted Regulation FD (Reg FD) on the selective disclosure of information by publicly traded companies. Reg FD holds that when a public company discloses material nonpublic information to certain individuals or … Continue reading →

How to Keep Cyber Incidents From Ruining Your Holiday Season

Cyber Holiday

The loss of even a single day’s business to a cyber-incident can be costly enough, but if it occurs during the holiday season—when you might expect to take in  70% of your annual revenue—it can be ruinous. So as we … Continue reading →

What SEC Restructuring Means for Enforcement

Seal from SEC Building

In 2011, the SEC completed the most significant restructuring since its establishment roughly 40 years ago, and, if it must say so, had “A Record Performance” in enforcement. As these changes will continue in 2012 and potentially have a meaningful impact on global organizations, we thought it time to take a look at some of the key developments. Continue reading →

U.S. Whistleblower Protections: Global or Not?

Whistle on Penalty Cards

The critical question as to whether or not Sarbanes–Oxley (SOX) and Dodd-Frank’s whistleblower protection extend to employees of non-U.S. subsidiaries of U.S.-listed companies is currently subject to disagreement and debate. Over the past two weeks, one decision concluded that there … Continue reading →

JOBS Act Analysis: Reduced Disclosure Requirements for IPOs (2nd in a Series)

The JOBS Act (formally, the “Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act“) was designed to facilitate raising capital by reducing regulatory burdens. Specifically, the Act creates a separate class of issuers under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 and the Exchange Act … Continue reading →

U.S.-Style Corporate Plea Bargains “Imminent” in U.K.

The UK’s Solicitor-General has announced an imminent consultation paper relating to the introduction of US style Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs) for companies. This type of arrangement has been in place in the US for some time and is often used … Continue reading →

5 Financial Stories You Might Have Missed — And a Tap-out

Overdraft Oversight Overboard? The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has announced that it will be reviewing overdraft policies and procedures at nine of the nation’s largest banks. One focus of the inquiry Continue reading →

Video: How Will New SEC Guidance on Cyber Disclosures Affect the Cyber Liability Market?

Dark Technology

Our cyber risk expert explains the implications of the SEC's recent guidance on cyber disclosure in this video from the RIMS convention floor. Continue reading →

Boards Need to Wake up to Cyber Threats and Liabilities

Hand Shadow Over Keyboard

There is a whole universe of potential cyber risk not understood at a board level, and company directors must wake up to cyber threats or risk litigation from all sides. Continue reading →

JOBS Act Analysis: What the Law Means for Small Businesses, Financial Institutions, and Insurers (1st in a Series)

President Obama signs the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act April 5, 2012 With the signing of the JOBS Act 2012 (Jumpstart Our Business Startups), the ability for smaller companies to raise money—and financial institutions to get in trouble—just got … Continue reading →