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Solvency II Gets Real

EIOPA: Pre Stress SCR Ratios

The last few days have seen an avalanche of documents from the European regulator EIOPA.  Solvency II, for so long a dream or nightmare, is due to go live in just over 12 months.  It’s getting pretty real. Continue reading →

Solvency II – A Burden or an Opportunity for Captives?


The reality of Solvency II is now dawning on the whole insurance industry. After years of speculation and, in the case of many, millions of euros of expense and additional regulatory capital, insurance company owners are bracing themselves for pillars … Continue reading →

Guide to ERM: Risk Management Disclosures

show your cards

U.S. insurers have made the case to the insurance regulators at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) who have been drafting the U.S. Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) requirements that the ORSA report as defined will contain sensitive … Continue reading →

Capital Modelling in Solvency II – Where Did it All go Wrong?

At a recent scientific seminar I was asked to talk about Insurance and Reinsurance In the Modelled World. I argued the case for capital modelling was clear-cut, and that in five years’ time every insurer of any size will likely … Continue reading →

Pigs Fly: Solvency II Agreement Reached

Pigs Fly

There is a special form of the Theory of Relativity that applies to insurance. As Solvency II’s planned implementation date approaches, time slows down and then grinds to a halt—Solvency II must always be three years away. The theory has … Continue reading →

What Does the Chinese Year of the Snake Hold for the Reinsurance Industry?

Snake Eye - Year of the Snake

According to unimpeachable sources (i.e Wikipedia – the lazy researcher’s friend) people born under the sign of the snake are intelligent but have a tendency to be somewhat unscrupulous. So, not cut out for a career in reinsurance then? I’ll … Continue reading →

Our Scariest Captive Insurance Risk – The Nightmare You Won’t Wake up From: Solvency II Pillar III

Scariest Risks

Halloween is the time when monsters emerge and nightmares become reality—and a first glance at the Solvency II Pillar III Quarterly and Annual templates will certainly quicken the heartbeat and bring on the night shivers! Continue reading →

Our Scariest Analytics Risk – Science Threatened

Scariest Risks

It's a major concern that scientific opinion is now coming under serious legal challenge. Continue reading →

Our Scariest Risks II: The Wrath of Risk

Scariest Risks

With Frankenstorm bearing down on the U.S. East Coast, and Halloween approaching, it’s time for the WillisWire team to sit around our screens and share the terrifying tales that keep our clients awake at night. I’ve asked each of our … Continue reading →

Solvency II – It’s Groundhog Day Again….

Groundhog Day for Solvency II

Yes, in Insurance World it is Groundhog Day again. Solvency II has been delayed. Again. (OK not yet officially but more or less a cast iron 100% certainty). Continue reading →