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Video: Transitions, Delays and Uneven Fields of Solvency II

I recently sat down with Sarah Robson from the Willis Communications team to talk about the conflicts life insurers face as they prepare for Solvency II, why implementation is not a level playing field across Europe, and why I’m not … Continue reading →

Keeping the Flame of Solvency II Alive


Like a certain quadrennial international sporting event, preparations for Solvency II should be in their final stages--the torch relay if you like--but the torch keeps going out. Although the direction is pretty well set, there is still squabbling over the route the torch should take. The date of the main event has been set although many doubt the flame will get there in time. As it is, the rules of the main event are still being argued over should we ever get there. Continue reading →

David Cameron Supports British Insurers Over Solvency II, LOL

Cameron promises backing to UK insurers in the ongoing Solvency II negotiations to ensure that the new European regime doesn't put Britain at a disadvantage Continue reading →

Rating Eurozone Insurers

Most market commentators were largely unsurprised by S&P’s actions, and our sense remains that, for the most part, the insurance sector remains resilient. Continue reading →

5 Financial News Stories You May Have Missed – And Another Cheating Spouse

This week's financial stories include the euro, AIG, BBVA, Google, data mining, Peugeot, CFTC, Newedge, Swiss National Bank, and Thomas Jordan's wife. Continue reading →

Impact of the Eurozone Debt Crisis on Insurer Solvency

measuring the effect of the eurozone debt crisis

The European sovereign crisis has brought insurer solvency and claims-paying ability back to the forefront of many minds. Continue reading →

5 Financial Stories You May Have Missed – And a Senior Moment

5 Financial Stories You May Have Missed This Week includes SEC, Federal Judge Rakoff , DOJ, FBI, sovereign debt, libelous bloggers, Rep. Steve Pearce Continue reading →

Scariest Reinsurance Risk: Italian Default

The threat of escalation of Europe’s sovereign debt crisis continues to make me wake in a cold sweat. Continue reading →