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Cyber Attack Disrupts Ukrainian Power Grid; Boards Awaken to Threat


At the end of December 2015, reports began to emerge from Ukraine that power grids across a region had been subject to cyber-attack. The attack targeted at least three power authorities in the Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine, disconnecting electricity sub-stations … Continue reading →

Marketplace Realities: Political Risk

geo political risks

In this update to our Marketplace Realities, political risk edition, our price prediction for political risk is flat to +2%. There are several locales in which political risks are significant. Continue reading →

Note to Directors and Officers of Foreign Firms Doing Business in Russia and Crimea Today

Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation

Any organization doing business globally with interests in Ukraine and Russia is aware that the U.S. and European Union have imposed sanctions on certain individuals and institutions in the region, including asset freezes and travel bans. Continue reading →

Ukraine Crisis: A Nordic Perspective

Ukrainian troops

The threat of economic sanctions imposed by Europe and the U.S. on Russia in response to the Ukrainian crisis is a cause of growing concern amongst risk managers in the Nordic region. Continue reading →

Ukrainian Unrest

After a brief respite in violence, at least 77 people including a number of police and journalists are reported to have been killed over the past few days in renewed violence in Ukraine’s capital Kiev. This period of hostility was … Continue reading →