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Engaging Employees: Keys to Sustainable Behavior Change

Fortunately for employers who are actively trying to engage their workforce, there are some fascinating modern theorems and analyses around this concept that might offer the key to sustainable behavior change. These approaches, two of which I will highlight in … Continue reading →

How “Big Data” Can Help Employers Improve Their Health Outcomes Strategies

big data medical

As plan sponsors take greater ownership of their medical coverage, the appetite to harness available data has never been greater. Here are just a few reasons why employers need to become even more sophisticated as they use the mountain of … Continue reading →

Employers are Waging a War Against Obesity

overweight worker

The obesity epidemic is taking its toll on medical costs and workforce productivity. Obesity is linked to heart disease, pulmonary disorders, depression, arthritis, hypertension and other musculoskeletal maladies. Continue reading →

Wellness and Injury Prevention: It Ain’t Oil and Vinegar!

Add 15 years and 35 pounds (13.6 kgs) to a worker whose job duties require lifting, agility, balance or physical exertion and you vastly increase their risk of work-related injury. This is happening a lot. The obesity epidemic in the … Continue reading →

10 Things About Health and Productivity I Learned in New Orleans

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I recently participated in the Willis Health and Productivity Summit in New Orleans, along with nearly 100 physicians, clinicians, clients and stakeholders — all focused on the business imperative around health risks, medical costs and workforce productivity. Continue reading →

EEOC Spooks Employers on Wellness

ruling against wellness

A recent injunction by a district court has thrown a scare into many employers who maintain wellness programs.  The injunction was in response to request by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regarding the Honeywell wellness program and keeps Honeywell … Continue reading →

Stress Within the Financial Industry: Building Business Athletes

The financial services sector has always had a reputation for being a highly pressurised and stressful working environment. Continue reading →

Changes in Banking are Affecting Employees’ Wellbeing

stressed banker

Regulation is creating change and uncertainty within the financial services industry—and impacting the wellbeing of a bank’s greatest asset: its people. Continue reading →

Video: The Health Insurance Marketplace is (Ex)Changing… Slowly…

Stethescope on Money

The health care reform train keeps rolling along and as it approaches the Land of Health Insurance Exchanges, a lot of companies are looking out the window and considering their options. Private exchanges are here now, but the era of … Continue reading →

Survey: Employers Are Investing in Health Management Strategies to Control Costs

Workplace Health

Whether you prefer the words, “health management” or “total population health management” to “wellness,” the research is undeniable: the benefits of a well-designed and executed health management program are significant. Continue reading →