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Turning whistleblowing to your advantage

The Dodd-Frank whistleblower program is picking up steam – and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. According to SEC.gov, since its inception in 2011, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has awarded $85 million to 32 tipsters. A … Continue reading →

Whistleblowers: You Know they Make Sense if You’re a Regulator!


The FCA published last week new rules on whistleblowing. The key requirements of the new rules are to: appoint a senior manager as their whistleblowers’ champion put in place internal whistleblowing arrangements able to handle all types of disclosure from … Continue reading →

Discipline an Employee for Breaking a Safety Rule? – The US Department of Labor May have Something to Say About That.

safety first?

It seems like a pretty simple concept: Break a safety rule and get disciplinary action taken against you. Until now. Continue reading →

UK Supreme Court Extends Pool of Whistleblowers

colorful whistles

The cornerstone of protection for UK employees against discrimination based on whistleblowing is Section 2 of the UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998. Continue reading →

High-Frequency Whistle Blowing

Speed trader

The FBI has made an unusual public plea for help rooting out possible securities violations by high-frequency traders.  The FBI doesn’t usually go asking for such help from the financial community.  So what’s changed?   Well, three things have changed to … Continue reading →

A Private Moment – Whistleblower Upset

Whistle on cloth

Back in January of 2013, we included a whistleblower case in our annual list for The Top 10 Executive Risks Court Awards & Settlement for Financial Service Firms from the previous year that we believed would influence liability in the … Continue reading →

Scariest Risks of 2013

Scariest Risks

Halloween season always puts us in a dark frame of mind here at WillisWire, reflecting not on ghosts and goblins but on all the scary risks we help our clients prepare for.  This year, 18 of our bloggers submitted the … Continue reading →

5 Financial News Stories You May Have Missed: And a Cyber Honey Pot

5 Financial News Stories

Here are news stories from the week that were easy to miss, but may have some lasting impact. Continue reading →

Reports of Fraud Increase, Whistleblowing Study Finds

Furtive Phone Call

A recent annual study on emerging best practices for hotlines to address organizational misconduct found some thought-provoking trends for those interested in corporate governance. Most U.S. public companies, some of whom are motivated by the SEC’s bounty program, but also … Continue reading →

Whistleblowing in the UK

whistleblowing, Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998,

Whistleblowing is one of those subjects that the US seems to be better at, or dare I say to make more noise about, than the UK. As my colleague Ann Longmore recently wrote, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has … Continue reading →