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The Younger Workforce – Their “Vital Sign” and Its Impact on Future Workers Compensation Cost


Because of today's overall sedentary lifestyle, workers compensation losses will increase as our young workforce ages faster than the generations before them. Continue reading →

Coventry Purchase – So What?

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Since the Coventry purchase, pretty much every company in the WC space will be working with Apax in some form. Continue reading →

Miami Heat: Florida Feeling the Impact of Decision Affecting Future of Workers Comp

florida workers comp

I just returned from the Workers’ Compensation Institute Conference in Florida.  The Conference had over 200 presentations and 8,000 attendees this year, but a single topic dominated the buzz: the impact of a recent Circuit Court decision from Judge Jorge … Continue reading →

Casualty Marketplace is a Buyer’s Market; Take the Money and Sit – at the Negotiating Table

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Moderating rate pressure continues in the casualty marketplace in North America, and we are counseling risk managers not to take the money and run but to sit down with their carriers and consider several ways to take advantage of what … Continue reading →

Workers’ Compensation Market Trends: Q1 2014

Workers Compensation: Large Account

The average reported rate increase for Workers’ Compensation is approximately +5.0% on a countrywide basis, down about 2.5% compared with the average rate increase of 7.5% from our March 2013 report. Continue reading →

Marketplace Realities: Predictions for the Season Ahead

Willis commercial rate predictions: 2014

Our new line-by-line price predictions for the insurance industry in North America coincide with the start of the baseball season, and along with baseball fans everywhere, we’re full of hope – in this case, that the marketplace will continue to … Continue reading →

Workers’ Compensation Market Trends: Q4 2013

Workers Comp: Q4 2013

Reported rate increases for Workers’ Comp are averaging approximately +5.2% on a countrywide basis, which is down about 2.1% compared with the average rate increase of 7.3% from our December 2012 report. December’s average rate increases were down about 1% … Continue reading →

Best Practices for Approaching the F-word in Workers Comp (a.k.a. Fraud)

Workers comp fraud is estimated to cost insurers/employers over $7.2 billion annually, large enough to rank among the Fortune 500 if it were a legitimate business. Whatever the  numbers, workers’ compensation fraud is not just a cost borne by insurers. … Continue reading →

Workers’ Compensation Market Trends: Q3 2013

Workers Compensation Market Trends: Q3 2013

For several years I’ve been polling Willis North America casualty brokers quarterly about activity they’re seeing. This rich data now this gives us great perspective not just on where the market was but rather where it is going, as we … Continue reading →

Rough Ride for Terrorism Insurance on the TRIA Trail

American Umbrella: TRIA protection

No one knows where the TRIA trail will lead: to another extension or the end of the line for the U.S. government backstop for terrorism insurance, which expires at the end of 2014. What we do know is that disruption … Continue reading →